Yellow-crowned Night-Heron with Texas Red Swamp Crawfish Brazos Bend State Park Texas
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron swallows Texas Red Swamp Crawfish, Elm Lake

Stalking the Hunters: Observing and Photographing the Predatory Water Birds of Brazos Bend State Park, Texas.

In addition to being the place to see American Alligators in Texas, Brazos Bend State Park is arguably one of the best birding locales on the Texas Gulf Coast. What really stands out in my book, however, are the waders and other predatory birds that can be seen and photographed hunting in and around the edges of the shallow oxbow lakes, sloughs, and bayous of the park, among the American Lotus, cattails, reeds, and invasive Water Hyacinth.









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  1. One of these was standing in my yard after a heavy rain this morning. After seeing this photo I better understand why my yard is full of crawfish.

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