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  1. Thanks for such great photos…I have been visiting Galveston for over a month and saw a bird fishing several times by the small jetty on the west side of Porretto Beach in the early morning and couldn’t find a pic until came across your blog….It’s a Little Blue Heron just like your photo…there are quite a few crabs in the rocks there and it was diving deep and coming up with small fish and crab….it was amazing to watch….next trip I am definately doing some amateur birding and photos. Again thanks for sharing your talents!

  2. I am a local artist/birder here in Mobile Al. and would like to know if you would consider allowing
    permission to use your photo of the purple gallinule for art reference in a watercolor painting
    we live here in the Mobile Bay/delta area which is the second largest bay delta in the US
    and I have tried so many times to get the right photo for art reference.
    I can provide references and images of my work if this is something you would consider
    also would also be willing to pay a reasonable fee for a one time use.
    i would also give proper credit to the photographer and provide updates of the painting.
    I would also like to use part of the proceeds from the sale of the painting for helping
    to perserve our bay/delta area.
    i hope you would consider this joint adventure project.

  3. Your work is amazing! I would very much like to include one of your images in a PowerPoint presentation that encourages homeowners to create wildlife-friendly landscapes using native plants and can offer to pay a small amount for its use. Please contact me. Thanks!

  4. Hi, folks! It’s always good to see you on the trails at BBSP. I’ve gotten a name for that stringy orange plant we observed this morning. It’s called “Dodder”. It *is* a parasite, and there many varieties (Cuscuta species). And that’s my story. I remember to ask David Heinicke, head naturalist at BBSP about it. Have a nice day.

    1. Hey Rick:

      Always a pleasure to run into you. We concluded that it was “dodder,” also. Apparently it is a relative of the morning glory, of all things. Cheers, Chris

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