Some of our 2012 Favorites: New Collection

2012 was a great year in the field, and a great year at home. We’re excited to share some of our 2012 favorites. We continued to photograph the birds and other wildlife of Texas, from the Rio Grande Valley to Central Texas to deep East Texas. We also got a chance to spend a week on the Olympic Peninsula and surrounding areas in Washington State, including Puget Sound. We worked hard to improve our photographic technique in both long telephoto and macro work and tried to keep up with developments in digital photography: we are all about getting better. We worked at continuing to expand our ornithological knowledge and know many more birds by sight and sound than we did when we started the year. We also took the plunge and decided to set up our own website and share our explorations with a wider audience. We are excited about the future and are currently planning excursions to places we have never been to see birds we have never seen before. . . .


American Robin on moss, Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Washington
American Robin Fledgling on Moss, Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Washington. The temperate rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula are some of the most beautiful and exotic habitats in North America.

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