Texas Ducks: A New Collection

Because of the abundance and diversity of wetland habitats along the Texas Gulf Coast, ducks are an important part of the Texas avifauna–and they remain one of my favorite photographic subjects. Without fail, when I present slide shows of images to friends and family, the ducklings are the most popular and collect the most “ooh’s and ahh’s.” Let’s face it: ducks and ducklings are fun.

Muscovy Ducklings at Hermann Park, Houston, Texas
Muscovy Ducklings at Hermann Park, Houston, Texas. Remarkably, no matter how different the adults look (and Muscovy Ducks are among the weirdest-looking of all ducks), many ducklings look alike-yellow with black stripes. Somehow that doesn’t affect their popularity! Canon EOS 7D/100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS. Natural light.

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